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Torrevieja Car Hire

Torrevieja Car Hire

When deciding on a holiday in Torrevieja, although not essential, hiring a car will give you so many more options to enjoy during your stay, and our super new website Torrevieja Car Hire provides you with loads of information and pointers on what to expect when hiring a car here. The city is pretty easy to get around on foot or by local bus although the majority ofbus drivers don’t speak English, and walking any distance during the peak summer months can be very draining.

If you are in Torrevieja for a short holiday and have accommodation in or close to the city, getting to the beaches and city attractions is not too difficult without a vehicle, but there is just so much to see and do along the beautiful coastline and surrounding countryside where you will need a car. Torrevieja is ideally situated between two busy airports that operate flights to and from most European cities and here is where you will find most of the international car hire companies. Torrevieja Car Hire offers information on both airports, what hire options there are, handy hints on how to save money when hiring a vehicle, what type of vehicle to choose and why it is essential to thoroughly check your vehicle in the presence of a company representative before signing your rental contract.

The website has information on driving in Torrevieja, laws and age restrictions, licence requirements, insurance and additional charges. There are pointers on things you may take for granted in other countries, such as always having the option of an automatic transmission when hiring a vehicle, and why you should be very switched on when considering the ”cheaper” alternative of hiring from a local independent car hire company. We have even taken into consideration the places you may wish to visit during your stay, and have a category on some of the fantastic towns, cities and attractions that can be reached within an hour or two’s drive from Torrevieja.

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