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Torrevieja Photography

Torrevieja Photography

With our ever increasing portfolio of websites that are aimed at providing visitors to Torrevieja with the best possible information, maps and handy hints on everything this lively city has to offer, we thought we would create Torrevieja Photography. The aim of the website is to showcase as many of the great places, attractions, villages, towns and cities we write about in our various Torrevieja websites, in order to give users more of a feel for what they are reading.

Ever since our first cave dwelling ancestors crudely painted memorable events, successful hunting expeditions and daring deeds on the walls of their caves, our fascination with recording life’s progress through the millenniums led to the invention of the first camera in the early 1800’s. Since then photography, alongside technology has become so advanced that every new mobile phone, i-pad and tablet has a built in camera that can capture astonishingly detailed photographs, making recording life’s events and the beauty of our universe as easy as clicking a button.

Torrevieja and the surrounding areas along the beautiful Costa Blanca, and inland offer some excellent photo opportunities. The city itself boasts golden sand beaches, salt lakes, nature reserves, pretty parks and plazas, museums, monuments, churches and even some very imaginative street art. Within an hour or two’s drive from the city you will find the largest palm groves in Europe, the most visited village in Spain, and a whole host of other stunning scenery just waiting to be captured on camera.

Torrevieja Photography is still in its infancy, and as we continue our ongoing travels and research on all our websites we will be adding more categories and a wide variety of great photos to the site. Any businesses or individuals with a website that wish to use any of our images may do so as long as they contact us beforehand, and provide a link to our site.

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