Torrevieja Translators

Torrevieja Translators

Torrevieja Translators is led by Sebastian Dombrowicz, a co-founder who speaks English, German, and Spanish. Sebastian was born in the United Kingdom to a German father, a cardiothoracic surgeon who runs a local private medical practice in Spain, and a British mother who worked as a nurse in the NHS. Before starting his own business, Sebastian worked as a medical translator at Torrevieja’s private Hospital Quirónsalud.

Police Translator

Torrevieja Translators have excellent relationships with the local Guardia Civil, who value our work. We are happy to assist our clients in reporting crimes, knowing that what they say will be heard in Spanish. We also volunteer to translate complex legal text for the N332 Facebook page, which is usually about driving in Spain.

Medical Interpreter

We have experience dealing with clients at all levels of the health care system. We would be delighted to communicate your medical needs to the appropriate local professional in a health centre or a hospital. We cover paediatricians and palliative care providers, treating our clients with the utmost respect while keeping your personal information confidential. All employees have had their backgrounds checked by the police.

Driving License Swaps

We are an authorised DGT (Tráfico) affiliate and can perform many services on your behalf without visiting them. We can assist with driving licence exchanges, number plate transfers, change of ownership, sale notification, change of address, duplicates of lost or stolen documents, and much more.

We can assist you with Doctors, Hospitals, Schools, Police, Social Security, NIE, Residencia, TIE, Padron, SIP Card, Suma, Water Company, Electricity Company, Mobile Phone Company, Court, Notary, Birth Registration, Tráfico (DGT), Driving Licence Exchange, Change of Address, Number Plate Exchanges, Change of Ownership, Duplicate Documents, and many other services.