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Cartagena InsiderCartagena Insider website serves as a handy guide to the city and its surrounding attractions. Many visitors to Cartagena take a ride on the tourist bus or boat which gives them a first hand view of some of the city’s attractions. However, with Cartagena Insider saved to your phone you can browse our articles any time you like which will give you an idea of what there is to see and do during your visit. The categories we have chosen to write about in Cartagena Insider website are what we believe to be of most interest and importance to visiting holidaymakers.

Cartagena Insider Categories

If it’s your first time visiting the city you can check out what services and facilities to expect when arriving at the airport. You will find articles on the two closest airports to Cartagena. In the transport category you will also find transport options for when you arrive such as bicycle and car hire. Before heading off on your holiday you can browse out listings of accommodation options. This includes the city’s hotels, La Manga campsite and even a nearby naturist village.

Once you’ve arrived and settled into your accommodation you can check out our other categories for great things to do during your stay. Depending on our age or mindset we all enjoy different holiday activities. Browsing the activities in Cartagena Insider gives you a great choice for all ages. These include thrilling adrenaline sports both on land and in the water. There is stuff for the young ones to enjoy, as well as more easy going activities such as golf and horse riding.

Cartagena is an important port city with a deep harbour that services visiting cruise ships. It also has a rich military and naval history, evident in the many war themed attractions. Within the city centre you can visit the interesting Cartagena Naval Museum. Those up for a bit of a hike through the nearby regional park can also visit the huge and impressive Portman Guns. Other attractions listed in Cartagena Insider include further museums, surrounding beaches and nearby resorts.

For those keen on doing a bit of shopping during their visit, check out our entertainment category. Here you will find articles on the city’s shopping centres, markets and supermarkets. You will also find fun family entertainment such as cinema and 10 pin bowling. Wining & dining is an important part of any holiday and you can browse our listings for bars and restaurants.