Nude BeachesMany visitors to Spain like to get an all over tan during their stay, and to make choosing your ideal destination as easy as possible, we have created our new website that lists both the official and ”unofficial” nude beaches to be found on the Spanish mainland and islands. Being a fairly new website, and with Spain having such a vast coastline, we have not yet covered all the areas but rather started by researching the main tourist areas such as the Valencian Community and Balearic Islands. We welcome any input from our readers and have installed a facility whereby you can vote for the next area to be added to the website. If you have visited a nudist beach we have not yet listed, please let us know of your experience.

During our research for we have taken into consideration the fact that whether you are a dedicated naturist or just fancy getting rid of some tan lines during your holiday, it’s no good choosing a destination purely because it has a nude beach. Therefore in each one of our articles, regardless of whether it’s a small town or busy city, we have included a map, photo and details on the nude beaches in that area. These details include, coastal type, beach type, beach width/length, available access, available parking, disability access, popularity, whether it’s a protected area and whether the beach is official or nudity is just practiced.

A seaside holiday is not just about sunbathing, and in each of our articles you will find information on the area’s facilities, attractions, places of historic interest, shops, bars and restaurants. So, whether it’s an area with large, busy beaches, numerous attractions and great nightlife, or a small village with secluded bays and hidden coves, we have endeavoured to include something for everyone.